SSL-22N Remote Control Solar Street Light

    Solar Light Street Lamp with Sensor

    20W Remote Control Solar Street Light Main Function:

    1. Remote Control;

    2. 10 lighting modes for choosing;

    3. Build in PIR function;

    4. TCS technology for battery safety;

    5. ALS2.0 technology for lighting in any weather.


    Solar Light

    Today, when it comes to solar streetlights, LED lighting is the most popular pairing for solar modules; however, other lighting options are still available. The luminaires shall provide the required level of illumination on the ground to facilitate observation while providing the most efficient illumination possible. Choosing the lighting style, distribution mode and lighting level requirements is the first step in ensuring that you get the solar lighting system you need for street lighting applications. Led broadens the range of lighting styles, from standard streetlights with glasses to decorative pendant lighting, and anywhere between, while providing better lighting levels at lower power.

    Fixture mounting bracket

    The fixture mounting bracket is used to mount the fixture to the rod, and the fixed length is the set value. Fixture mounting brackets can be from a few inches to a few feet in length, such as the side of a 5-to-2-foot tenon bracket, or from a few feet to a few feet from a pole, such as the side of a pole bracket that is usually 4-to-8 feet, but can be 12-to-15 feet in length if needed. The fixture mounting bracket sets the fixture away from the pole to provide illumination where it is needed on the ground, while providing the required backset of the pole on the road. According to the architectural needs of lighting engineering, the bracket can be straight, upward or even decorative.



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