ESL-20N 20W All-In-One Solar Street LED Light

    Solar Street Light Complete Set is equipped with an independent solar module, whose size can operate the specified solar lamp according to the customer’s requirements. Our team designs each system based on the power consumed by the equipment and the available sun provided by the installed geographic location. Battery backup provides at least 5 days of autonomy, extending battery life and taking local weather conditions into account.

    20W All-In-One Solar Street LED Light Main Function:

    1. 2 lighting modes for choosing;

    2. TCS technology for battery safety;

    3. ALS2.1 technology for lighting in any weather;

    4. Low maintenances  cost.

    Type of street lamp pole

    Solar Street Light Complete Set

    Light pole. Picture Courtesy: Lighting resources

    Obviously, you will install LED solar street lights on the poles.

    Before installing the solar street lamp pole, we need to consider its various characteristics.

    The main factors include:

    – mounting height

    – lamp type selected

    – wind speed

    – topography

    —Pole material

    – rod and finish

    – rod


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