ESL-30N 30W All-In-One Solar Street LED Light

    1. Integrated solar garden and street lamp, new invention patent product.

    2.From dm820 (equal to 20W) to dm880 (equal to 80W)

    3. Integrated design, solar panels, LED lights, batteries and light wheels are all put into one box without any cables.

    4. When you receive them, what you need to do is to put them on the column or wall for transportation, installation and maintenance.

    5. Humanized design. More convenient. Can be opened to replace battery and controller

    6.Aluminum alloy material, more durable. No rust, light weight, good heat dissipation.

    7. There is no connection between the light shape and the beauty. Upper contour, true contour.

    8. 3030 LED light source, super bright 180LM / W.

    9. High efficiency imported silicon, high efficiency special surface treatment.

    10. The battery has a separate plastic battery box. Overall waterproof, heat insulation and dustproof.

    11. There is remote control mode. Time control mode PIR sensor mode hybrid mode

    40W All-In-One Solar Street LED LightMain Function:

    1. 2 lighting modes for choosing;

    2. TCS technology for battery safety;

    3. ALS2.1 technology for lighting in any wheather;

    4. Low maintainance cost

    The solar panel module consists of three parts:

    Solar panel module, mounting bracket and hardware. It’s not easy to attach a solar panel to a pole. To do this, supports and mounting equipment are required. An unprocessed solar panel consists only of solar cells, glass and a frame. In addition, a solar bracket assembly must be installed on the solar panel to connect to the pole. The all aluminum bracket design and stainless steel hardware will ensure that your solar panel components can withstand the test of time, especially in the harsh environment prone to rust and degradation. We even recommend making sure that the back of the panel is protected by ventilated panels to prevent wind blown debris and damage.


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