ESL-40N 40W All-In-One Solar Street LED Light

    This paper designs a kind of solar energy automatic tracking lamp based on single chip microcomputer, which is mainly composed of solar panel, solar energy automatic tracking controller, battery, lamp, etc. Through the solar energy sensor circuit, the solar energy is converted into electrical signal. The single chip computer controls the analysis and processing of the sampling signal, outputs the control command, controls the step motor to rotate the solar panel, so that the solar panel can automatically track and improve the efficiency.

    During the day, solar panels are used to charge the batteries, and at night, the batteries discharge to light up Automatic Solar Street Light. The single chip microcomputer controls the battery charging voltage and outputs a PWM DC-DC converter control circuit to charge the battery. When the battery charging voltage is too high, it will automatically disconnect the charging circuit. When the battery discharge voltage is too low, it will automatically disconnect and open the circuit to protect the battery from overcharge, overcharge and short-circuit, so as to extend the battery life Usage time. The system can automatically track the way of solar lamp, improve the utilization rate of solar energy and reduce the area of solar panel. It has the characteristics of low cost, high reliability, high sensitivity and large power consumption.

    40W All-In-One Solar Street LED LightMain Function:

    1. 2 lighting modes for choosing;

    2. TCS technology for battery safety;

    3. ALS2.1 technology for lighting in any wheather;

    4. Low

    Brighter Than Brighter!

    Control Technology

    Carefully consider how to control the solar street lamp.

    Do they use intelligent lighting or manual control and monitoring?

    With the intelligent street lamp system, you will be able to control all solar street lamps from remote areas.

    This system allows you to turn on and off lights for a period of time. You can also control the dimming of the lights.

    Intelligent control street lamp provides you with the ultimate convenience.

    You can control everything about solar street lights from a comfortable house.

    Intelligent systems also help manage the energy consumption of street lights.

    When you don’t use street lights, you can reduce the brightness or even turn off them.


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