SSL-25N Remote Control Solar Street Light

    50W Remote Control Solar Street Light Main Function:

    1. Remote Control;

    2. 10 lighting modes for choosing;

    3. Build in PIR function;

    4. TCS technology for battery safety;

    5. ALS2.0 technology for light

    Solar cell module

    The solar cell assembly includes batteries and wires connected to the solar cell panel assembly and the lamp. Battery size requires at least five days of autonomy to provide longer battery life, typically five to seven years, while also providing energy to the system when there is little or no sun due to bad weather. The battery assembly shall be installed in a ventilated aluminum battery box to provide heat and ventilation, preferably under solar energy, to provide additional shielding so that the battery will not overheat. The new design also allows lower battery boxes to be installed with locked boxes to provide easier maintenance requirements; however, if the size is correct, this is only every five years or more.

    Light control

    The lighting control is usually located in the battery box and provides the on and off functions of the solar street lamp system. These controls also operate the system’s correct configuration file to customize the runtime. The lamp controller shall also provide a low voltage disconnect (LVD) to prevent the battery from running out to a critical point to ensure that the battery never drops to zero, again increasing the life of the battery system. There are many light control options, from dusk to dawn, dusk lasts for hours, intervals and longer. Discuss project specific controls with your solar lighting professional.


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